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Martingale Collars


Spring 2016








Vicki Swann
Port Angeles, WA

512 468-4650

Hand Sewn Dog Leashes and Collars

Offering martingale collars and non-traditional leash options including:
•    Hands Free Hip Leashes
•    Single Adjustable Length Leashes
•    Traffic Leads with a Bungee
•    No Tangle, Two Dogs at Once

My leashes are the result of training and behavior work with service dogs, search dogs and rescue groups.  A hands free solution for everyday training and exercise was not readily available in the early 90’s.  Overtime, I worked with different leash designs until the Hip Lead morphed into a practical, personal solution.
Working with my dogs would frequently bring questions and comments from people interested in my no hands leash.  Most often, “Where can I get one of those?”

So here I am . . .

I have listened to my customers and the dog community and have incorporated designs for different hardware, less bulk and loomed bungee options for all of my leash styles.  Martingale collars are my newest addition. Martingale harnesses are in the design stage.

Please stop by my booth at the Farmer’s Market and let me help you find the right leash or collar for your dog.

Custom orders always welcome!