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J Wyatt Art

Jean Wyatt
Sequim, WA
Website: http://jwyattart.com
Email:  jean@jwyattart.com

Acrylic Paintings, Colored Pencil Art and Handmade Journals

I started doing colored pencil art many years ago to create a monthly desk calendar, and have now expanded that to cards, prints and tiles and I like to create art that makes me smile and happy when I look at it.
At J Wyatt Art my artwork is meant to be colorful, fun, whimsical, unusual and often a little off-beat. 

For over 25 years stained glass was my primary form of artistic expression and for the past 12 years, I have found other types of art to express my creative side, including creating acrylic paintings, colored pencil artwork and handmade journals.

My Acrylic Painting designs are whimsical and colorful.
Many of these designs have been made into cards, prints and ceramic tiles (coasters, 6×6 tiles, 8×10 tiles and cutting boards).

My Colored Pencil Art creations are smaller in design, but have that same colorful and whimsical side to them, and in some brief way tell a story.

Handmade Journals are hand bound and have either hard covers and soft wrap-around covers.