Sequim Bike Works









Sequim Bike Works
Nathan Van Laningham
Sequim, WA
Telephone: (360) 797-1446

A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Community Bike Shop

Sequim Bike Works mission is to increase bicycle ridership in Sequim. We accept donations of used bicycles and bicycle parts. Volunteers refurbish the bicycles for sale at the Farmers Market. We also offer opportunities for Do-it-yourselfers to work on their own bikes utilizing the tools & equipment of the bike shop. In addition basic bicycle repair services are available during market hours on Saturday (more extensive repairs are by appointment and can be handled during the week).

Proceeds from the repairs and sales of used bikes help to fund programs like repair & maintenance classes.

We are actively pursuing a location for the bike shop in the downtown area so we can provide more opportunities to Sequim bicycle riders.

So stop by and say “Hello” and see how we’re doing.
Get involved as a volunteer.
Donate an old bike that needs a new home.
Bring in your bike for repair & maintenance.

See you at the Market!