Stonewear Art






Stonewear Art
Gina Witz
Port Angeles, WA
(303) 520-2155

Locally Collected Rocks Transformed to Wearable Art

Hold a piece of Washington near your heart with an original handpainted pendant made from rocks collected along the shores of the Strait of Juan De Fuca. 
These rocks make for great conversation as each design is unique. 
Rocks are selected by size, shape and texture. 
You may discover designs of colorful hummingbirds, puffins or penguins, lavender, daisies, bamboo, or maple leaves incorporating the colors of the Seattle Seahawks! 

The list is unlimited and continues to grow…

Idea originated from the Sequim Rocks and Port Angles Rocks craze. 
Artists of all skill levels and ages gather rocks, create beautiful pieces of art and “hide” them throughout the community for others to find, enjoy and even re-hide.

I look forward to meeting the guests of the Sequim Farmers Market and hear their stories of the rocks they’ve found or have created!