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Olympic Onion Green Onion Powder Blends

Do you like Green Onions?
Then you’re going to love Olympic Onion Green Onion Powder Blends, used by Home Cooks, Culinary Adventurists, Professional Chefs, and many others who choose to instantly add the aroma and savory flavor of Green Onions to their own recipes.

Our tasty blends are:
1. Olympic Onion Green Onion Powder
2. Daylight Powder – Garlic/Green Onion Blend
3. Thunder Powder – Jalapeno/Green Onion Blend
4. SunEater – Habanero/Green Onion Blend

Grown locally and cultivated with pride at Olympic Onion Farm in Sequim, Washington.

Once you sprinkle some of our green onion powder on your favorite dish and have a bite, you’ll agree “that’s it’s the BEST Culinary purchase you’ve made today”