Sea Basket Farm


August at the Market


Kelp baskets and fresh produce at Sea Basket Farm stand


Trinidad Scorpion- we grow and sell the hottest peppers in the world!







Greg and Marilyn Gundy
312 Cameron Road
Sequim, WA,  98382

Telephone: 239-218-5203

 Handcrafted Kelp Baskets & Healthy Fresh Produce

Sea Basket Farm is how we refer to the kelp baskets that we hand craft almost entirely from various types of kelp collected locally and in the Northwest. Each basket is totally one of a kind, as are the ornaments, rattles and other kelp products we produce.
But Sea Basket Farm is also a 5 acre parcel of farmland which we use to grow terrific, fresh healthy produce for the local market. We specialize in big beautiful artichokes and the hottest of all hot peppers, but we grow just about everything else you would expect a small farm here to produce. We even have farm fresh eggs from our flock of Rhode Island Reds, which we talk up as Sequim’s Happiest Hens.
We both farm and handcraft kelp baskets because our two most favorite things to do are hang out at the beach and work the soil. In both circumstances, we love to watch what grows from our efforts. What can we grow for you?

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