Here is a link to a very helpful website that walks you through many of the steps to getting started as a vendor, such as buying a tent, creating a display,…..  http://www.craftprofessional.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a business License to be a vendor?  Yes, you can contact the State of Washington Dept of Revenue to apply for your license.

Do I need to be at the market every Saturday?  No you do not.  Vendors have found that the more consistent your participation, the higher the sales.
 Customers will get to know you and count on you being there.

How much does the market charge for being a vendor?   We have an annual $75 fee and a “daily rent fee” of $15 + 5% of sales for each day you attend.

Do I need to make food in a commercial kitchen? Due to the passing of the Cottage Industry Bill, there are now options for baking at home once your kitchen is permitted by the WSDA.

To discuss further the opportunity of becoming a vendor please call the market manager at (360) 582-6218 or Email: manager@sequimmarket.com