2019 News at the Sequim Farmers Market


Women in History

The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was signed into law on August 26th, 1920. 

The Sequim Farmers Market will be celebrating the 99th anniversary of that historic day.

Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B Anthony, were instrumental
in starting the Woman Suffrage
in 1840.

On August 31, to celebrate this historic event, the Sequim Farmers Market will be hosting a scavenger hunt game. There will a game card
handed out at the Market Information and at the J Wyatt Art booth.

Nine vendors will have stickers to
place on the card.
The first 5 people to complete the card will bring it to

the J Wyatt Art booth and get a prize.




The Sequim Farmers Market is now a non-profit
501(c)3 organization.

Your tax deductible donations will help strengthen and
support our mission of bringing valuable programs and
resources to
our community.


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